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Dr. Fontaine Celebrates 20 Years in Orthodontics

DUNEDIN AND SPRING HILL, FLORIDA – This July, we celebrate Dr. Albert Fontaine’s 20th anniversary as a Dunedin and SPRING HILL CHILDREN ORTHODONTIST.

Dr. Fontaine purchased the EAST LAKE ORTHODONTICS practice of his father-in-law, Dr. J. Ellis Rue, in July 1992 and built his office in Spring Hill that same month.

The decision to open the second location at that time was made to address the fact that Spring Hill was a rapidly growing area without many orthodontic practices.

“At the time, Spring Hill was ranked number one in the state for growth,” recalls Dr. Fontaine, a provider of INVISALIGN and conventional BRACES FOR CHILDREN and adults. “We saw opening a practice there as being a real positive for us and for residents of that area in need of orthodontic treatment.”

Dr. Fontaine’s desire to become an orthodontist began early. As a child, his best friend’s father was an orthodontist, and that initially got him interested in the field. Dr. Fontaine earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Florida and went on to graduate from UF’s College of Dentistry.

Rather than going immediately into an orthodontic residency, Dr. Fontaine opted to practice general dentistry for four years- a decision he is glad he made.

“This provided a great opportunity for me to decide what I truly wanted to do,” he says. “Choosing this path gave me a different perspective on dentistry and orthodontics. I now know more about general dentistry than if I had gone straight into the orthodontic field after graduation from dental school.”

Although his friend’s father sparked the interest in orthodontics, Dr. Fontaine’s father-in-law fanned the flame. At Dr. Rue’s urging, Dr. Fontaine agreed to a blind date with his daughter, Melissa. It obviously worked out, since they are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

After completing a three-year orthodontic residency at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, he purchased Dr. Rue’s practice.

“In hindsight, my father-in-law was a great planner,” EAST LAKE TEEN BRACES provider, Dr. Fontaine says with a laugh. “He got his daughter married off and sold his practice to the same guy.”

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