Best Age For Orthodontic Treatments

Your Concern Best Time Who To See
Fluoride, Vitamin drops Before 6 months Pediatrician
Child’s first dental visit By age 2 Children’s dentist
Stopping a pacifier Before age 2 Children’s dentist
Stopping finger sucking By age 4 to 7 Orthodontist, dentist
First orthodontic visit Between age 4 to 7 Orthodontist
Changing to fluoride rinse Between age 4 to 7 Children’s dentist
Tooth grinding Before age 7 Orthodontist
Crowded front teeth Before age 7 Orthodontist
Sealants to prevent decay Age 6-7/ 11-13 Family/Children’s dentist
Jaws/teeth not aligned By age 7 Orthodontist
Jaw orthopedic appliance Age 6-13 Orthodontist
Stop tongue thrust Age 7-13 Orthodontist
Stop mouth breathing Before age 7 Orthodontist, ENT, Allergist
Remove wisdom teeth Age 15-18 Oral Surgeon, dentist
Straighten an adult’s teeth Age 18-80 Orthodontist