Ice – A thousand times NO. It will totally destroy your braces

Pizza Crust – The hard crust bends wires

Hard Pretzels – Bends wires, loosens bands, knocks off brackets

Suckers – You might give in and bite

Caramel Candy, Bubble Gum – Sticky goo pulls off wires and feeds the bacteria in your mouth

Hard Rolls, Bagels, Bones, Ribs – Bends the wire and knocks off brackets

Pens and Pencils – A favorite exam time food… but it will break everything

Beef Jerky, Slim Jims – Tough as nails

Doritos, Tacos, Tostitos, Cheetos, Fritos – Will form a hard ball and break your braces

Nuts – No nuts of any kind

Popcorn – The little shells get between the gum and band and hurt you like crazy

Raw Carrots – Hard as rocks