Use Separator For Orthodontic Treatment

These doughnut-shaped elastic objects are placed between your teeth to make room for bands that will be applied at your next appointment. They are stretched to fit around areas where your teeth touch each other. Teeth are moved slightly apart as the separators return to their original shape.

We may ask that you leave separators in your mouth from five to seven days to as long as two or three weeks. Because they place pressure on your teeth, you may experience some discomfort at first, but it will go away by the time you have your banding appointment.

One or more of your separators may come out from between your teeth as they move farther apart, especially in areas where teeth were not tight to begin with. It is typically not necessary for us to replace separators that have fallen out in those spots, so we do not require you to notify our office of these changes.

While you do not have to change your diet while your separators are in place, your teeth will probably be tender for the first couple of days. You can help to minimize discomfort by avoiding foods that are hard to chew. You should brush your teeth as normal after meals, but do not use dental floss between teeth where separators are located.