Spring Hill Orthodontist Office

If you are searching for an orthodontist in Hernando County for you or your family, check out Dr. Albert Fontaine’s office in Spring Hill.

Dr. Fontaine has two office locations, with the other being in Dunedin. His Spring Hill office is located at:
1520 Pinehurst Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34606

Remember that Dr. Fontaine’s two offices both have the word Pinehurst in their address. Be sure that you use the Spring Hill office address for your visit to spare the unnecessary driving to Dunedin.

Dr. Fontaine’s Spring Hill office is only one block off of US 19. In fact, it is within visual range of the decorative waterfall at Spring Hill Drive and US 19. The Spring Hill office is in a brick, Key West style commercial building.

If you would like to arrange an appointment at Dr. Fontaine’s Spring Hill orthodontist office, you should call (352) 686-8190.