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How does orthodontic insurance work?

There is a multitude of agreements between subscribers and insurance carriers, all of which offer particular benefits. What sets orthodontic insurance apart is most orthodontic insurance subscribers receive a maximum benefit for orthodontic services, which is paid as a percentage of orthodontic fees. These fees include all diagnostic planning and treatment costs until the benefit maximum is met. Be sure not to lose your headgear or a retainer, as orthodontic insurance may not cover charges to replace lost or broken orthodontic appliances.

Lastly, please understand that your benefits are not paid up front. Typically, insurance companies pay orthodontists on a quarterly basis for the length of time that you are in treatment. For instance, a two-year case would be paid in eight quarters or once every three months for two years. Patients must note that orthodontic insurance does not send your money in the beginning. As a result, you will need to maintain your coverage during the entire treatment process, not just the first month.

How will our staff help you with orthodontic insurance?

Our Spring Hill or Dunedin orthodontics office will help you understand orthodontic insurance.

First, please fill out the employee or insured portion of your form, and sign where indicated.

Payments from your insurance company that are assigned by the insured will be accepted and credited to your account. The insured will be responsible for any unpaid balances. We cannot provide services to you or your family solely assuming that your insurance provider will pay our fees.

If your insurance provider submits a form for verification of continuing treatment, our office will gladly submit the forms as needed and complete the signature portion.

Our offices accept one insurance policy per patient to maintain our patient database and best meet the patients' needs.